Our goal is to renovate and develop the country


Azadi Mall

All project needs prepared by Qalib Company. Address : Sulaimani _ opposite to Azadi park


Al-Khilani Commercial Complex

All project needs prepared by Qalib Company. Address: Baghdad _ Khalani road


National Institute

All projects needs prepared by Qalib company. Address: Sulaimani _ near to Sulaimani Polytechnic University .

Our customers

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‏As an investor , I am proud to be associated with a company, for all global architectural materials in Kurdistan and Iraq

Shko Hama Amin

Sarchawg Company

The presence of a (Qalib) company is very necessary, as it is the only place to complete the requirements of our large projects, and we are sure that the required things are delivered at the same time. Gratefully



We are Helwan Group company in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. We are proud to deal with Qalb Company for the supply of building materials, molds and all kinds of construction materials, headquartered in Sulaymaniyah, and we have experience with this company for more than ten years. We are very satisfied with their treatment of us and their prices are competitive and appropriate prices compared to materials, companies and stores Therefore, it is our duty to extend our thanks and appreciation to the template company and wish them success

Shwan Hassan

Halwan Company

Who We Are?

Build The Future

  • tranquility and trust

    Our Company is one of the largest and successful company in Kurdistan and Iraq which is work In the field of building materials. We are Agent of a group of famous companies in other countries that producing the best construction materials

  • high quality and reasonable price

    Our products produced by famous companies for architectural materials are available with the highest quality and reasonable price in these countries (Turkey, Switzerland, Russia, India, China, Iran).

  • experience

    We have more than twenty years of successful experience in this field, and this is evidence of the quality and distinction of our products.

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